Ground. Energize. Desire.

The Flavors...

Be Here Now: Salted, chocolate, orange, caramel

Let's Dance: Raspberry, mint, pistachio cream

A Lover's Afternoon: Chocolate, lemon, lavender, beetroot

Why RAW? 

When we consume raw foods, which technically speaking is nothing cooked over 117F, we are treating ourselves to the most energizing, healing foods on this planet. Eating whole, unaltered, plant based foods can cure the body...add cannabis on top of that and we've got magic. Optimal health and balance is the result!

While each treat will cause your lips to curl up from ear to ear (yes, that's a warning!) they also have different affects on our mood, nervous system, and perhaps, even how we enter a room. With a little bit grace and a lot of swag. 


Benefits & Effects

Be Here Now Cake:: Mental alertness & Focus

Key Ingredients: Salt & Cacao

Salt is a necessity to maintain optimal health. Beyond popular belief, consuming the right kinds of salt (no table salt!) can truly change your being. Some of the stand out properties include it's ability to improve digestion, reduce stress, protects against inflammation, and improve levels of sleep. 

Cacao, food of the gods, is the most antioxidant rich food in the world-40x the amount in blueberries. It contains phenylethylamine (PEA) a mood enhancing super-molecule that is only found in cacao, blue-green algae and naturally in the brain. Due to the flavonoids found in cacao, blood flow to the brain is increased boosting attention span, memory and reaction time. 

25mg THC per serving. 

Let's Dance Cake: Energizing, Immune boosting

Key Ingredients: Raspberries and mint

Mint has the ability to ease stomach aches, which can quickly and unpleasantly brings ones energy down. This factor has been traced back to Egyptians where they tactically used it for indigestion. Whether you're inhaling mint, consuming it or using it as a topical, peppermint acts as a stimulant resulting in heightened energy levels. 

Raspberries are tart yet sweet, high in fiber and vitamins yet low in calories. They have one of the highest fiber rankings among plant food offering the keen ability to speed up digestion removing any waist that may be causing fatigue.

25mg THC per serving. 

A Lover's Afternoon: Aphrodisiac, Increases stamina 

Key Ingredients: Beetroot & Cacao

Beets were cherished by the Greek goddess Aphrodite and for good reason. They contain high amounts of boron which is a trace mineral that deserves our gratitude-it increases sex hormones in the body. Furthermore beets contain tryptophan and betaine-both substances that enhance ones mood. 

Cacao, along with being a major antioxidant source, contains the cannabinoid neurotransmitter anandamide. This is a substance that induces euphoria and has been scientifically documented to do so. There's a reason why red wine and chocolate come around at Valentine's day.

25mg THC per serving.