Carrot Cake Bliss

Grapefruit Lavender Carrot Cake. Unlike your average carrot cake my raw, vegan, gluten free and refined sugar free offers numerous amounts of benefits. There is no need to stress about getting your fruit and veggies in, for this treat has both. 

Grapefruit keeps your immune system healthy, aids in digestion, detoxifies the liver and aids in weight loss. In the 80's a grapefruit diet fad swept the wellness scene, promoting eating grapefruit with every meal. Now there are many fads out there, but after numerous tests scientists have concluded that grapefruit truly does help in shedding pounds.

Lavender, both a flower and an herb, is one of the most healing plants our planet has to offer. Used for physical and emotional pain, it can helps with conditions such as migraines and depression. 

Last but not least, carrots-the key ingredient to this recipe. They keep this cake light and moist while adding a large amount of soluble fiber. A key factor for healthy digestion and lowering blood pressure. We can also rely on carrots, thanks to beta-carotene, to help us improve our vision. Yes, the myths are true. 

Although chocolate tends to be a staple in raw desserts, it's always good to go out of your comfort zone. 

Perfectly paired with a large glass of lemonade, on a bench under a shady oak tree, and your favorite tunes.