Cupid's mistake.

Four days ago Valentine's day came and went. But, if we’re being honest, it’s been around since January 2nd. You walk into a store, and see that all of the chocolate Santa's have been pushed aside for some neon pink candy hearts. These hearts often read “Be Mine” or “Yours Truly”..sound familiar? 

The thing is, Valentines day should not just be about expressing your love solely to one person. I think this holiday would actually create love, rather than cause those “without” pain, if it was focused around universal love. A love that never fades.

We should celebrate the love of sisterhood, of brotherhood, the love that hits you when a stranger smiles. Maybe we should focus on this love every other day than on February 14th. 

For that way when February 14th roles around in 2017..there will be no need to “focus”. Love will be waiting. 

Sunny ZanniniComment