A new mission.

Last weekend Sweetly Nude had the honor to be a part of one of the greatest historic events in the (NYC) Marijuana Industry thus far. Thrown by women making waves in the industry-HeathMJ and WomenGrow-it was nothing less than magical to create desserts for such a party.

A celebration was in order because New York state has legalized the use of Medicinal marijuana for certain conditions- think epilepsy, parkinson's disease, cancer, HIV/AIDS just to name a few. Although all of these cases are quite extreme..this is the first step to full legalization. 

Now what does medicinal marijuana have anything to do with Sweetly Nude? With raw desserts? Sometimes the answer is so simple it’s often missed. There is a common goal-we want to help, we want to heal. 

When I began making raw desserts, without knowing I’d soon be starting a business, I was both excited and nervous. It was one of those things…when you know your own potential so the fear of failure becomes that much more prominent. 

The more I researched about the benefits of raw desserts and the endless healing factors that all of my ingredients offered…I began to fret. How was I going to bring justice to all of the superfoods in these raw creations? With practice and a little too much Matcha-I decided that all of my desserts would treat and affect the body differently. 

This is where the similarity of marijuana and Sweetly Nude desserts coincide. Every strain of marijuana affects the body differently offering people the freedom to explore what’s best for them. After flirting with the idea of adding this healing plant into particular desserts (for months on end!) the answer became clear.

If I want to heal and cause the corners of ones lips to curl up…adding marijuana was the next step. This decision has led me to pick up and move Sweetly Nude to the other side of the country…to San Francisco.