Just as much Magic.

Spring is about rebirth, revival and that time when Persephone came back from the underworld~for me it marks the actual new year. Those flowers that wilted, shriveled and disappeared before your eyes last fall have returned, with more strength and pigment in their petals, much more than you dreamt possible. See they were just regaining their strength...absorbing all of mother natures grounding winter energy, sipping lady luna and our suns rays through soil pores until their quench was no more~~just like the carrots in this cake.

We crave lighter foods as the weather warms up, it's only natural. Warm hearty meals are being replaced with fresh seasonal fruit and massive salads, and a lot of hemp seeds (at least in my household!). Because of this, I have concocted a pistachio raspberry coconut cream. Pistachios are much lighter than cashews with just as much magic. They are majorly anti-inflammatory due to the high amounts of vitamin A and vitamin E~perfect for springtime allergies. Your skin will also thank you for vitamin E protects us from those harmful UV rays and the oil in pistachios has emollient properties-keeping the skin from drying out. And then there's the fact that they're absolutely divine...Enjoy :) 

Some benefits of carrots include:: Protects your central nervous system from aging, from memory loss (yes, that means your brain) ~~ lowers diabetes risk (one of the benefits of betacarotene) ~~ protects against sight deficiencies such as night blindness (those childhood rumors are true!) ~~ perfect in every way ~~ make an excellent moist fluffy cake when mixed with walnuts, dates and love   




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