ALMONDS: aid weight loss, alkalize the body, boosts energy, high in magnesium 

BEETS: detoxifies the liver, increases stamina, boosts libido 

CACAO: mood elevator, highest plant source of magnesium, highest plant source of iron and 40x more antioxidants than blueberries

CASHEWS: aids digestion, calms nerves, supports a healthy heart

COCONUT: helps your body produce sex hormones, high in protein, zinc and iron

DATES: anti inflammatory, promotes digestive health, high in vitamin B6 (good for your brain!)

GINGER: cold and flu prevention, beats belly bloat, improves blood-flow  

GOJI BERRIES: boosts your chi, stress reliever, highest source of vitamin C 

LAVENDER: eases headaches, relaxes muscles, treats acne, soothes the mind and body

PECANS: most antioxidant rich tree nut, high in fiber, lowers cholesterol 

ROSEMARY: relieves migraines, freshens breath, improves memory 

STRAWBERRIES: boost immunity, promote eye health, anti-aging, packed with vitamin C